How We Work

If in SW Florida:

Visit our Fort Myers location, no appointment necessary. Click here to find our store.

If you want to mail your items to us:

  1. Start by filling in the customer information form. You have the option to ship to us and we reimburse shipping charges on all purchases (see terms & conditions), OR request a prepaid express mail label for FREE SHIPPING.
  2. Upon receipt your shipment is and verified and quoted.
  3. Your items are accurately tested, weighed and evaluated on state certified NTEP scales.
  4. We quickly provide you with a quote. No surprises here, we don’t just issue you a check, you know how much to expect.
  5. When you accept our quote, payment is issued within 24 hours, otherwise we return your items to you insured at our expense. No obligation.

Click here to request your pre-paid label to ship your items!

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