Precious Metals Pricing

Bullion and coin prices are only “locked in” once Executive Bullion receives the payment for the transaction. Since market movement can change the actual price at the time the funds are received we often require a small “cushion” amount in addition to the estimated sale price. If the market price moves down then the product price will priced lower and the difference as well as the entire cushion amount will be refunded. Upon receipt of funds and “locking in” the price any differential amount is returned with the product shipment.

PayPal transactions are subject to PayPal fees assessed to the recipient of the funds at a rate of 2.9%. In order to process PayPal orders we ADD this fee to the total order amount.

Do you have quantity discounts?

Yes. For larger transactions, Executive Bullion will extend additional discounts if possible. Please feel free to call us with what you are looking for.

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