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Selling Gold by Mail

At Executive Bullion we understand your concerns about having the confidence and trust to send your valuables to perfect strangers. That is why we have made it our mission to provide the absolutely safest and fastest service available while paying the highest prices.
To explain why we consider our shipping policy the most secure method offered let’s begin with the United States Postal Service. Did you know that any crime or fraud that is committed through the use of the U.S. Mail is a Federal offense with severe penalties. You should not send to any person or company that does not have a physical address or is unwilling to provide you with their full business identity including any Federal, State or local licensing, permits or registrations.


Another reason we recommend the U.S. Mail is your ability to deal directly with the carrier AND insurer of your package. We believe that trust and confidence is paramount with the United States Postal Service. In the rare event a package would get lost within the U.S. Mails the most important thing is to have prepared records documenting the shipment. They will be needed for the claim. Items you need to keep until your transaction is finalized include: Purchase receipts for your items (if available), Appraisals of your items (if available), a detailed listing of your items and their karat and weights (if known), your mailing receipts and most importantly a photo, scan, or photocopy or your items if possible. None of these things are needed to sell your items to Executive Bullion and the chance they would be needed for a claim is very remote but preparing them is good advice.

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The United States Postal Service will provide FREE shipping materials for Priority and Express Mail except for sealing tape and padding. Wrap your valuables securely and be sure to include the Customer Information Form. Depending on your choice of shipping method you should use Article Number on the Insured Mail, Delivery Confirmation, Express Mail or Registered Mail receipt to track you item online.

When We Receive Your Package

Once delivered to us we begin the process of digitally recording your shipment and initiating the Custody Control of your valuables. The entire process of opening, sorting, testing, weighing, reweighing and appraising your articles is video archived and transferred between departments by signature verification of Custody. Once the evaluation report is completed your package is sealed and vaulted pending your response to our quotation. We will contact by your preferred contact method IMMEDIATELY upon finalizing your quote. Once you have responded to our Quote we will issue your payment IMMEDIATELY. Many customers receive their payment the same day we receive their items. If we are unable to receive a response from you by any contact method we will issue your payment 48 hours after we receive your shipment so your funds will not be unnecessarily delayed.

Quoting your Items

Upon receipt your shipment is and opened and verified. Your items are accurately tested, weighed and evaluated on state certified NTEP scales which are inspected annually by the Department of Agriculture for accuracy. We immediately email you a quote. No surprises here, we don’t just issue you a check without your approval, you know how much you will receive. When you accept our Quote, payment is issued the same day, otherwise we return your items to you insured at our expense. No obligation.


Executive Bullion is committed to offering the highest prices possible for your precious metals and jewelry. In the event you decide to keep your items rather that sell them to us we will provide the same IMMEDIATE response in returning your valuables to you as we do in purchasing them. The cost of shipping your items back to you will be at our expense. We will reserve the right to ship your items back to you through the United States Postal Service at the most economical rate of which we can avail. Your valuables will be insured and you will be able to track your return with the Article Number we will provide to you upon acceptance by the USPS.

Choosing Your Payment

Since the instant payment and overnight payment methods have processing fees that apply some consideration should be given whether the extra cost is justified. Since wire transfer fees could be as much as $50 to $60 between banks this method should only be used for large settlements. Overnight checks are subject to an Overnight Fee of $21.50 and the amount of the settlement should be considered to justify this expense as well. PayPal transactions are fast and affordable since the fees are based on the amount of the payment however they require the customer to have an existing PayPal account.

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