Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my items directly to Executive Bullion?

Absolutely! We welcome you to one of our convenient locations for a personal meeting with our highly qualified specialists who will discuss the valuation and purchase of your jewelry, coins, bullion, fine watches, gemstones and diamonds. Please call 239-418-0909 or just walk-in Monday through Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm or Saturday 10am – 2pm. No appointment necessary.

Why sell to Executive Bullion?

Our commitment to offering the highest return for your precious metals and jewelry along with the fastest possible payment while offering the safest most secure transaction options means we can deliver complete customer satisfaction consistently. Our personal service and experience of over 40 years insure that your experience with Executive Bullion is of the highest professional standards and generates the highest possible return for your items. We are one of the few BBB Accredited precious metal dealers in the country.

Why does Executive Bullion recommend shipping by the United States Postal Service?

Here at Executive Bullion we constantly strive to determine and offer the safest, fastest and most secure way to sell jewelry and precious metals. We understand your concerns about having the confidence and trust to send your valuables to perfect strangers. That is why we have made it our mission to provide the absolutely safest and fastest service available while paying the highest prices. To explain why we consider our shipping policy the most secure method offered let’s begin with the United States Postal Service. Did you know that any crime or fraud that is committed through the use of the U.S. Mail is a Federal offense with severe penalties. You should not send to any person or company that does not have a physical address or is unwilling to provide you with their full business identity including any Federal, State or local licensing, permits or registrations.

We offer our clients pre-paid U.S.P.S. shipping. In the event a client ships at their expense we advise our customers to insure their shipments with the United States Post Office by choosing a shipping option that balances the shipping cost along with shipping time to suit their personal requirements. Executive Bullion will reimburse this shipping and insurance cost at the time of purchase with every qualifying purchase. Our Terms and Conditions can be reviewed here.

How much are my items worth?

We at Executive Bullion determine value by purity, weight, market price and quantity. Purity represents the actual precious metal content of the items being assayed, weight is calculated using the Troy system made up of Troy ounces and Troy pennyweights which are 1/20 of a Troy ounce, market price is established by the current NY Commodities Exchange Spot Price on the day we receive your shipment and the quantity is determined by the total weight of your complete shipment. More information on metal purity, weights and markets can be found here. Another important part of this question is for how much you should insure the contents of your package and how to determine that value. See below.

How much should I declare for insuring my items?

While it is very rare that a package is lost using the United States Postal Service we recommend postal insurance in the event some mishap occurs. Packages should be insured for the minimum amount to cover the replacement cost of the items within, excessive insurance causes the shipping costs to increase dramatically the additional insurance will not result in a higher payment in the case of a claim to the carrier for loss or damage. Payments for claims are based on proof of value or cost and can require documentation and support for declared values such as original purchase receipts, appraisals, photographs, etc.

How do I track my shipment?

As long as the package is sent Insured Mail (First Class or Priority), Express Mail or Registered Mail the tracking can be done online at . This site will confirm the status of the package by entering the article number on the receipt provided by the post office. The article number must be entered exactly as shown on the receipt including numbers and letters if any. It is very likely that you will receive our notification of the receipt of your package as well as our offer to buy before the post office updates the delivery status of your package.

What if my package gets lost?

In the very rare case that a United States Postal Service package is subject to a claim for loss the postal service will process the claim according to their established procedures. They will require the documentation and proof of value for the shipment and they will usually provide the compensation payment within 30 days. Before shipping your valuables please review the recommended documentation to obtain or verify the value of your shipment here.

Do you notify me before sending me payment for my items?

Executive Bullion is committed to personal service with each and every client. Your satisfaction is our goal and before we send payment to you, we confirm that you are fully satisfied with our offer and select the payment method that meets your needs. If we are unable to contact you or receive a response to our quotation then we send payment by your previously selected option after 48 hours of receiving your package so that your payment is not delayed unnecessarily.

What if I decide not to sell my items?

If you decline to accept our offer to purchase at the time of quotation we will gladly return your items at our expense. We will not be able to offer reimbursement for your original shipping costs on items that we return to you. If you received a check without quotation confirmation (see above) then just call us to let us know that you are returning our check and we will ship your items back to you at our expense once we receive it.

How soon can I get the payment for my items?

We offer SAME DAY payment by bank wire. We also offer Direct Deposit, Overnight checks and check by mail options. Fees apply for Overnight check and bank wires. Review the fee information here. In all cases you have your cash back before you would receive another gold buyers mail in “kit”.

Payments made to your Paypal account are SAME DAY however PayPal will deduct fees according to their current fee schedule for your account.

What can I sell to Executive Bullion?

We buy all precious metal items including gold, silver and platinum. Check our Things We Buy page for more details. If you are unsure that your items are solid precious metal after checking our Consumer Information page for identifying metal purity markings go ahead and send them. Unlike many gold buyers we pay for gold-filled items. The price for gold-filled is well below karat gold since it is not solid but the value is measurable and we include it in the offer for your items.

Does Executive Bullion buy my finer quality and antique jewelry and diamonds?

Absolutely! Our Estate Jewelry Appraiser has over 40 years experience in jewelry valuation, purchasing, manufacturing and retail sales. As a GIA Graduate Gemologist and Charter Senior Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and Senior Member of the Accredited Gemologists Association he exemplifies the highest standards of ethics, integrity and knowledge. At Executive Bullion we offer premium prices for quality diamonds, estate jewelry, fine watches and gemstones.

Do I need to clean or repair my items before sending them?

It is unnecessary to clean or repair anything you send to Executive Bullion. In fact cleaning United States coins should NEVER be done since such cleaning can ruin any numismatic value that the coin may have had before cleaning. Many antique and vintage items are better left uncleaned to retain original “patina” and highest value.

Are there risks involved with buying precious metals?

All investments involve risk – coins and bullion are no exception. The value of a bullion coin is affected by many economic factors, including the current market price of bullion the perceived scarcity of the coins and other factors. Some of these factors include the quality and current demand and general market sentiment. Therefore, because bullion and coins can go up and down in value, investing in them may not be suitable for everyone. Since all investments, including bullion and coins, can decline in value, you should understand them well, and have adequate cash reserves and disposable income before considering a bullion or coin investment. Like many markets, the precious metals market is speculative, and it is unregulated. Precious Metal prices will fluctuate throughout the day while the precious metals market is open. If you are considering purchasing Precious Metals as an investment, you should assess the stability of the current market as well as contacting your financial advisor for advice.

Is gold, silver, platinum or palladium taxable?

You should consult your tax advisor for specific taxation advice in your jurisdiction. State taxes may be applicable.

Do you report my purchase of precious metals to the IRS?

Currently the IRS approved list of transactions as recommended by the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) that require filing of a 1099-B are listed below. Note that the filing is only required if the minimum quantities shown are purchased from an individual within a 24 hour period. Items not specific on this list are exempt from the filing requirement.

Reportable Item Minimum Fineness Minimum Reportable Amount
Gold Bars .995 Any size bar(s) totaling 1 kilo (32.15 troy oz.) or more
Silver Bars .999 Any size bar(s) totaling 1000 tro oz. or more
Platinum Bars .9995 Any size bar(s) totaling 25 tro oz. or more
Palladium Bars .9995 Any size bar(s) totaling 25 tro oz. or more
1 oz. Gold Maple Leaf as minted 25 one ounce coins
1 oz. Gold Krugerrand as minted 25 one ounce coins
1 oz. Gold Mexican Onza as minted 25 one ounce coins
US 90% Silver Coins as minted Any combination of dimes, quarters or half dollars totaling $1000 face value or more
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